Recruiting new Board Directors to help guide NDRIO’s future
April 21, 2021

The application process is open for the nomination of new Directors to NDRIO’s Board of Directors. There are four (4) vacancies to fill on the Board, for election at the Annual General Meeting in September 2021. Terms will be staggered, and can range between one (1) and three (3) years. 

The number of vacancies is determined annually, and the necessary criteria to fill vacancies has been identified through the analysis of skillset and criteria established by the Board.

NDRIO continually strives to represent a diversity of voices, experiences and perspectives within the organization. We encourage individuals from underrepresented communities to apply for these Board Director roles, in keeping with our commitment to principles of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Listed below are additional details related to the application and nomination process, as per NDRIO’s Articles of Incorporation. 

The Process & Timelines

  1. Call for Nominations: April 222021
    • The Call for Nominations and vacancies are posted on NDRIO’s website.
  2. Nomination Submission Period: April 22 – June 302021
    • Nominations can be received until midnight (EDT) on June 30, 2021 through applications or facilitated through organizations (e.g., the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), Diversity onboard, etc.). 
    • Members whose terms are ending will be asked if they wish to renew their candidacy and will be considered by the Nominations Committee for re-appointment. Directors are evaluated based on their performance and renewal is not automatic. 
  3. Collection of Applications and Nominating Committee Review: July 2021
    • Applications that have been submitted will be compiled and individual candidates will be reviewed by the Nomination Committee.
  4. Nominating Committee Meeting: August 2021
    • Members will review the candidates and determine which candidates will proceed for review by the Board.
    • Short-listed candidates will be interviewed by the Nominating Committee. 
    • Reference checks will be completed by the Chair of the Nominating Committee or as delegated.
  5. Candidates Contacted and Invited to AGM: September 12021
    • Candidates who have been selected to proceed will be advised of their inclusion on the slate of candidates for the Annual General Meeting and invited to attend the meeting to stand for election.
  6. Annual General Meeting: September 282021
    • Candidates will be presented to the Primary Membership for election at the Annual General Meeting.

Qualifications and Expected Commitment


The Nominating Committee is particularly interested in candidates who share NDRIO’s vision and mission and possess experience in risk management; strategic planning, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and privacy enterprise; and/​or research software.

Candidates should also ensure that they meet the following requirements:

  • Commitment to NDRIO’s vision and values and an appreciation for advanced research computing (ARC), research data management (RDM) and research software (RS) components of the digital research infrastructure strategy. 
  • Personal commitment to devote the time necessary to perform the responsibilities of a Board Director.
  • Previous non-profit board experience is an asset.
  • Strong communication and collaborative skills.

Expected Commitment:

  • New Director terms begin in September 2021.
  • Directors must have the ability to serve for a term between one (1) year and three (3) years.
  • Directors may be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Attend four (4) Board meetings that take place each year, one of which is in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting.
  • Able to commit the time and resources to serve on the Board and at least one (1) Board committee and represent NDRIO as requested.

The Election Process

The Board of Directors of the corporation has the ultimate responsibility of approving the recommendation of the Nominating Committee; however, only nominees approved by the Nominating Committee through the nomination process set out in this policy shall be eligible for election.

The Nominating Committee shall identify candidates to be brought forward to the full Board for consideration and election by Primary Members at the Annual General Meeting. In the event that one or more recommended candidates are not elected, the Board shall repeat the process outlined in this policy to bring new candidates forward for election.

The Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is composed of seven Board Members and is responsible for identifying and recommending individuals to become Board members in a manner that fulfills the following:

  • Addresses skills and competency gaps that results from the departure of a director
  • Retains organizational memory to ensure continuity among the Board 
  • Respects the principles of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 

The Nominating Committee is also responsible to ensure proposed candidates for recommendation to the Board of Directors are in compliance with NDRIO’s Articles of Incorporation. 

How to Apply

Candidates can submit their applications by downloading and completing the application form and emailing the completed form along with their cover letter and resumé to candidates@​engagedri.​ca by no later than June 30, 2021 at 12 am EDT