Terry Peckham, Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Terry Peckham

Dr. Terry Peckham is the Director and Research Chair for the Digital Integration Centre of Excellence (DICE). His areas of expertise include the application of AI and Machine Learning to solve industrial problems. DICE is an NSERC funded Technology Access Centre that specializes in data stewardship. This involves the analysis, storage, transmission, security, and integrity of data across numerous verticals. DICE performs applied research with industry partners from across Canada with a regional focus in the prairies. DICE’s industry partners cover several sectors such as: mining, health, education, fashion, entertainment, automotive manufacturing, semi-conductor, aerospace, agriculture, and retail. 

Dr. Peckham received his MSc from the University of Regina in data mining and his PhD from the University of Saskatchewan in applied artificial intelligence. He currently serves on the College and Institutes Canada IT & Security Advisory committee.