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The Alliance and its DRI ecosystem partners are working on three key deliverables for submission to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) and provincial funders: the New Service Delivery Model and Funding Model (NSDM/FM) and the Multi-Year Funding Proposal (MYFP). 


The NSDM outlines the DRI services available across the three layers within the ecosystem (national, regional and local) and the roles of service sponsor and service provider for these services within each layer. The FM aims to develop a framework for predictable and stable funding for DRI and will include details on cost eligibility for services available across the ecosystem’s layers. The proposed NSDM and FM are currently still under development and require additional work, validation and testing with our DRI community partners. We are planning out this consultation process to engage further with our members and service partners.  


The proposed DRI investments to federal and provincial governments for the next two years constitute the MYFP, which includes initiatives identified through the Canadian DRI Needs Assessments and the consultations therein, as well as an upgrade of national infrastructure nearing end of life.  


The draft NSDM/FM and MYFP was submitted for review on August 26, 2022. Feedback was incorporated and the final proposal was submitted to ISED before September 30, 2022. 


Planned Next Steps


October to December 2022:

  • ISED reviews final proposal for approval of various proposed funding programs.
  • ISED notifies the Alliance of approved programs and any changes required for planning and program launch.

January to April 2023:

  • Funding programs announced (2023-24 & 2024-25)
  • 2023-24 funding programs launched for competitive proposal submission.
    • Spring 2023: Notice of award, and agreement process.


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