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DMP Assistant

The DMP Assistant is a national, online, bilingual data management planning tool developed by the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) in collaboration with host institution University of Alberta to assist researchers in preparing data management plans (DMPs). This tool is freely available to all researchers and develops a DMP through a series of key data management questions, supported by best-practice guidance and examples.

DMPs are one of the foundations of good research data management (RDM), an international best practice, and increasingly required by institutions and funders, including the Canadian Tri-Agencies as outlined in their Research Data Management Policy.

DMP Assistant Steering Committee

The DMP Assistant Steering Committee has been established to provide essential guidance, support, and advisement, for the overall development, delivery, capacity and sustainability of the DMP Assistant.

Terms of Reference


  • Bhaleka Persaud, University of Waterloo (co-Chair)
  • Andrea Szwajcer, University of Manitoba (co-Chair)
  • Leigh-Ann Butler, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Shannon Cobb, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Melissa Dane, First Nations Information Governance Centre
  • James Doiron, University of Alberta
  • Heather Ganshorn, University of Calgary
  • Jeremy Geelen, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Cynthia Lisée, Université de Québec à Montréal
  • Maggie Neilson, Acadia University (on sabbatical)
  • Robyn Nicholson, Digital Research Alliance of Canada
  • Kevin Read, University of Saskatchewan
  • Omar Rodriguez-Arenas, University of Alberta
  • Wendy Shan, University of Alberta
  • Weiwei Shi, University of Alberta
  • Alexander Thistlewood, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
  • Lee Wilson, Digital Research Alliance of Canada