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Alliance Cloud Connect Pilot

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) is pleased to announce The Alliance Cloud Connect Pilot (ACCP), a unique opportunity for vendors, institutions, researchers and individuals to participate in the development of a cutting-edge initiative that will transform how Canadian researchers access community cloud and key commercial cloud services. 
The ACCP includes three distinct calls for participation:

More information can be found on the calls below.

ACCP Updates

  • [April 15, 2024] FAQ published for the Call for Participation: Platform Development.
  • [April 3, 2024] The Call for Participation: Providers was circulated to a targeted list.
  • [March 27, 2024] The open Call for Participation: Platform Development was circulated and is open until the deadline of April 24, 2024.


The Alliance is inviting participants from diverse sectors to work together in an open and collaborative context to facilitate researcher use of cloud infrastructure. Whether commercial vendors, open-source developers or members of the Canadian digital research infrastructure (DRI) ecosystem, participants will work with community stakeholders to develop a single “pane of glass” or portal for seamless access to commercial and community cloud.

The ACCP is a pilot project that aims to build national cloud research capacity and deliver on the Alliance’s mandate to meet the increasing DRI resource demand from the Canadian research community. As a pilot project, users can opt in to use the cloud service that suits their needs – whether it is the Alliance’s community cloud solution or another provider’s solution.

Targeted Call for Participation: Cloud Providers

This targeted closed call for participation (CfP) is directed to cloud service providers (CSP) awarded the Government of Canada’s Cloud Framework Agreement. This allows the Alliance to streamline its call to meet the deadline and objectives of the ACCP while adhering to security and regulatory requirements defined by the federal government. As the project develops, the Alliance will seek opportunities to work with a wider range of CSPs. As this is a targeted call, service providers on the list will be contacted directly with the CfP.

Call for Participation: Platform Development

This call for participation presents a unique opportunity to help build a platform that will advance researcher access to critical computing infrastructure.

The objective of this call is to create and operate a unified platform that streamlines the process of accessing and administering community and commercial cloud services. This platform aims to provide better access to compute, software, storage, and hosting services through a centralized and user-friendly interface, ensuring efficiency, security, and compliance for the Canadian research community seeking cloud services. 

This call is open to:

  • Commercial vendors;
  • Members of the Canadian DRI ecosystem;
  • Open source developers;
  • Service and platform providers;
  • Engineers and specialists (cloud architects, DevOps, DevSecOps, CloudOps, etc.) from various sectors with the capability to deliver results by having the necessary expertise, resources, infrastructure and support systems to contribute to the success of this project.


The ACCP initiative provides a unique opportunity for collaboration and partnership between the Alliance, academia, healthcare, private industry and other partners to accelerate cloud computing across the Canadian DRI ecosystem. This typically includes for-profit businesses, not-for-profit organizations, academic institutions and other legally constituted entities.

This call welcomes service and platform providers, developers, engineers, and specialists from various sectors with the capacity and capability to deliver results by having the necessary expertise, resources, infrastructure and support systems in place to contribute to the success of this project. Note: only legally incorporated entities are eligible to participate in this call.

For more information, including project overview, submission guidelines, criteria for acceptance, and more, read the Call for Participation: Platform Developers here.

Submission deadline: April 24, 2024.


To apply, participants must complete the application form here. A detailed letter of intent (LOI) must be uploaded to your application form. LOI requirements can be found in the submission guidelines (7.1) in the CfP.

Apply here

Call for participation: Researchers

To ensure the final product is viable and of value, we will make a call to the researcher community to test the platform and provide feedback. The anticipated completion date of the pilot is March 2025; however, testing will be required throughout the building phase.

A call for participation for researchers will soon open. If you would like to be kept informed on this upcoming call, email