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Mandate Renewal 2025-30

2025-30 Proposal: A Bold Vision for the Future of DRI

The Alliance is laying the groundwork for our next strategic plan (2025-30). Building on our extensive engagement, consultations and input from the digital research infrastructure (DRI) community over the past three years, we are developing a proposal for Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada that will become the foundation of our strategic plan for 2025-30. 

Leveraging Collective Insights

Our 2025-30 proposal is grounded in extensive community input and feedback collected over the past three years (2020-23). The proposed focus areas will be shaped by expertise and insights gathered through recent working groups, position papers, surveys, as well as targeted and broad-level consultations as part of the following initiatives:  

  • Canadian Digital Research Infrastructure Needs Assessment (2020-21) 
  • Current State Reports on Advanced Research Computing, Research Data Management and Research Software (2020-21) 
  • 2022-25 Alliance Strategic Plan (2021-22) 
  • Multi-Year Funding Proposal (2022) 

DRI for Tomorrow

Our 2025-30 proposal must not only meet the Canadian research community’s present-day DRI needs and requirements but consider emerging opportunities and technologies. From July to September 2023, the Alliance will seek input from ecosystem partners and experts across Canada to define a bold vision for the future state of DRI. 

As part of this process, we will evaluate Canada’s DRI strategy and investments against our international counterpart to ensure our 2025-30 strategic plan is grounded in evidence-based insight and benchmarked against global DRI leaders. 

Open Call for Input

In addition to the consultations described above, we are seeking input from researchers, academics and industry experts from across the research community on emerging DRI capabilities and corresponding trends that will enable cutting-edge scientific research in the coming decade. These insights will shape the Alliance’s 2025-30 proposal, which will be submitted to ISED in fall 2023.  

To share your insights, complete our Open Call Survey by Friday, Aug. 18, 2023.  

Advisory Committee

The Alliance has established a 2025-30 Advisory Committee to guide our proposal development and submission process, consisting of members who represent the interests of the DRI community. 

  • George Ross, CEO, the Alliance – Chair
  • Gail Murphy, VP Research, University of British Columbia – Vice-Chair
  • Donna Bourne-Tyson, Former Dean of Libraries, Dalhousie University
  • Amol Verma, Vice-Chair, the Alliance Researcher Council 
  • Jeff Taylor, Associate VP Research and Innovation, Nova Scotia Community College  
  • Sylvain Charbonneau, VP Research, University of Ottawa 
  • Rafik Goubran, VP Research, Carleton University 
  • Denis Fortin, CIO, Université de Montreal 
  • Bill Ghali, VP Research, University of Calgary 
  • Guillaume Bourque, Researcher, Alliance Board of Directors
  • Jennifer Arbour, Director, Strategic Initiatives, the Alliance 

Next Steps

We will continue to provide updates on the consultation process as plans are solidified in the coming weeks. Your input will enable us to better understand the latest advancements impacting DRI and ensure our organization remains at the forefront of supporting cutting-edge research.  

For more information on our 2025-30 proposal, please contact