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Mandate Renewal 2025-30

2025-30 Proposal: A Bold Vision for the Future of DRI

The Alliance is laying the groundwork for the next Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) investment cycle and strategic plan in 2025-30. Building on extensive consultations and input from the digital research infrastructure (DRI) community, work is actively on-going to refine the proposal for Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada that defines the vision for the future of DRI in Canada.

Leveraging Collective Insights

Our 2025-30 proposal is grounded by extensive community input and feedback. The proposed focus areas are being shaped by expertise and insights gathered through working groups, position papers, and surveys.

In the early stages, input was collected across the community on emerging DRI capabilities and corresponding trends that enable cutting-edge scientific research. An Advisory Committee was also established to guide the initial proposal development and submission process, consisting of members who represent the interests of the DRI community. Targeted and broad-level consultations were also held as part of the following initiatives:  

  • Canadian Digital Research Infrastructure Needs Assessment (2020-21) 
  • Current State Reports on Advanced Research Computing, Research Data Management and Research Software (2020-21) 
  • 2022-25 Alliance Strategic Plan (2021-22) 
  • Multi-Year Funding Proposal (2022) 

DRI Community Engagement and Roadshow

Access the presentation slides here:

Prior to the roadshow, the Alliance held an open community presentation (January 9, 2024) on the direction for the future vision of DRI, as well as meetings with members (December 15, 2023) and Alliance DRI professionals (December 14, 2023).

  • In January 2024, the Alliance kicked off a roadshow across Canada to share the future vision for DRI.
  • 39 meetings were held across six cities (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax)
  • Meetings were held with key stakeholders within the DRI ecosystem including those in academic institutions, regional organizations, research organizations and provincial governments
  • A series of receptions were also held, to further engage with the community and deepen discussions on Canada's research future and DRI needs
  • Consistent with our commitment to our member institutions, engagement meetings were held with vice-presidents of research, chief librarians, and chief information officers

During these key discussions, the Alliance presented the process followed to define the future vision. Results were shared from the jurisdictional analysis exercise, benchmarking activities and the emerging trends from researchers on what is impacting DRI.

The Alliance received great feedback and suggestions from the community, including:

  • Overarching support for the 2025-30 vision, as well as offers from various community members to advocate with the Alliance.
  • Appreciation for sharing analysis and findings that were data driven and supported the direction forward.
  • A need for a unified voice to support this significant investment.
  • Frustration with the current funding model and its inability to support a cohesive and functioning digital research ecosystem.
  • Concerns of talent drain and undo stress on highly qualified personnel due to the unpredictable funding model.
  • Recognition of Canada’s lagging position in DRI compared to other countries, and how to catch up (particularly with the emergence of AI).
  • Questions about the requirements and partner support needed to successfully achieve such a big and bold vision.

We thank all those who took the time to meet and share their feedback, support, and recommendations. We will continue to engage the DRI community throughout the building phase, and thereafter.

Next Steps

As we progress, we will continue to provide updates. For more information on our 2025-30 proposal, please contact