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Humanities and Social Sciences

Scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences are using increasingly complex computational tools, methods, and techniques in their research. There are three elements of the current landscape that place the Humanities and Social Sciences in a position for rapid growth:

  • increasing open source data;
  • increased access to significant computing power; and
  • growing research computing competency among humanities researchers.

To support researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences, we have a dedicated team of professionals.

For more information, please email the Humanities and Social Sciences Team or visit our wiki docs on Humanities.

National Services for Humanities and Social Sciences Researchers

National services are available to all members of the research community with documentation in both official languages, trained support team and robust system architectures.

  • Collaboration Services – Sites located across Canada are capable of both delivering and viewing large videoconferences.
  • Cloud – Virtual-machine development space that includes an outward-facing IP address.
  • Computation – Expandable power ranging from the equivalent of a second desktop to supercomputers with thousands of cores, terabytes of RAM, and a variety of system architectures.
  • Data Integrity – Data storage and back-up systems provide stability and security options over your desktop.
  • General Analyst/​Consultant Support – Consultations regarding project architecture and resource needs with technical experts with skills ranging from specialty software selection to program optimization.
  • Globus – Fast, secure, sharing and fire-and-forget file transfers.
  • OwnCloud – 50Gb of shareable, Dropbox-like space available across multiple devices.
  • Portals – Hosting for specialized data and tools for entire research communities.
  • Specialized Software – More than 250 software programs and packages already integrated with Alliance systems.
  • Storage – Robust storage solutions for backup and mid- to long-term storage.
  • Training – Training sessions covering core skills offered regularly and custom courses available on request.
  • Visualization Support – Dedicated 3D visualization expert available.

For more information on how any of the services listed above can be used to support your Humanities and Social Sciences research, please email the Humanities and Social Sciences Team.