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Funding and Initiatives


The Alliance supports Canadian research software by building on the good work done by CANARIE, the only national funder with a focus on research software for 15 years. Local institutional research software teams, as well as domain communities, have benefited from CANARIE’s funding and will continue to do so through future funding programs from the Alliance, including the launch of a research software funding call later this fiscal year. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter and checking our funding opportunities page.


This year, the Alliance is lending support to CANARIE for the Canadian Research Software Conference 2022 and will host and lead the planning of future research software conferences afterward.

Software Registry

As the Alliance works to develop its approach to a comprehensive software registry, CANARIE will wind down its research software registry at at the end of August 2022.

Research Software Current State Paper

The details of the Canadian research software landscape are described in detail in the 2022 Research Software (English/French) Current State Paper. This document is an important element in the Alliance’s strategy and community engagement. The research data management and advanced research computing papers are also available and include information of interest to the research software community.