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Partnerships and Strategy

The Alliance is partnering with a number of organizations and institutions in the research software community in order to serve you better. 

We have joined the Research Software Alliance (ReSA) as a Founding Member and will provide resources to support ReSA in its aim to bring research software communities together to collaborate on the advancement of the research software ecosystem. Mark Leggott, the Alliance’s Director of International Relations, is also on the steering committee for ReSA, playing a role in the governance of research software groups internationally.

Through its ReSA partnership, the Alliance is also a member of the ReSA’s Funders Forum, an international group of philanthropic and public research software funders who are committed to a long-term sustainable approach to funding research software internationally.

The Alliance is also participating in the evolving FAIR4RS efforts, and future research software funding calls will incorporate the implementation of FAIR4RS principles and related practices. The FAIR Principles  for Research Software (FAIR4RS) were published in 2022, and a number of organisations were already planning to implement them at that time.  The latest blog post from the Research Software Alliance (ReSA) provides an update on initiatives working to implement the principles across five areas of cultural change: policies, incentives, communities, training and infrastructure.

If you are part of a project or organization that intersects with research software, or DRI in general, we would like to hear from you at  as we act on our current strategy, and plan for the future.