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Account Renewals

Account Renewals

An annual account renewal process takes place typically in the spring, as this is a critical process ensuring that:

  1. Accounts that are no longer needed are deactivated; and,
  2. Information that funding agencies and partners require is collected for reporting purposes.

The information we collect about researchers and their results is important for reports to funding agencies and the digital research infrastructure (DRI) ecosystem.

If you have an active account, we will send you an email during the account renewal period directing you to our account renewal form.


Deactivation of Accounts

If users let their accounts expire, their CCDB account, as well as any local consortium account they may have, will be deactivated. Upon deactivation, the user is no longer able to login into any of our systems.

If a Principal Investigator (PI) allows their account to expire, all accounts of those users that they sponsor will also be deactivated (including their local consortium accounts).

Accounts can be reactivated at any time by logging into CCDB and completing the account renewal form.

Users that do not want to renew their CCDB account but still want to recover their files can request a temporary extension by sending an email to


You can find more information about account renewals on our Account Renewals FAQ page or by contacting