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Research Software

Research Software is fundamental to research, given its role in helping researchers make new discoveries and share their outputs with others. Research software platforms are typically made up of tools that enable research by facilitating the manipulation of all types of research data across the lifecycle. They can also support collaboration and the sharing of ideas and promote the adoption of open science principles and practices. 

The research platforms or services that make up the Canadian DRI include a range of capabilities across the research lifecycle, including data acquisition and management, processing and visualization, storage and preservation, sharing and discovery. The details of the Canadian research software landscape are described in detail in the 2022 Research Software (English/French) Current State Paper. This document is an important element in the Alliance’s strategy and community engagement.

The Alliance is committed to advancing research software as a key component of Canadian DRI through funding opportunities, strategic partnerships and capacity-building.

Learn more about the Alliance’s work for the research software community: 

The Alliance has created two dedicated communication channels for the Canadian Research Software Community to communicate with each other and to exchange ideas:

As a differentiation, the email is used for all general inquiries regarding research software at the Alliance.