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Letters of In-Kind Support

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada can provide letters of in-kind support to researchers in grants involving an advanced research computing (ARC) component.

In order to request a letter of in-kind support from the Alliance, please follow these steps:

  • Send an email to as far as possible ahead of your submission deadline (please give us at least five business days). 
  • Make sure to include in your email the following information:
    • Name(s) of the researcher(s)
    • Official title of your research project
    • Grant name and name of funding agency
    • Deadline for submitting the letter to the funding agency
    • A short paragraph highlighting the Advanced Research Computing (ARC) component of the research and explaining why the Alliance should enter as an ARC provider in the proposed research
    • A one-page summary of the proposed research
    • Name of the person and institution to which the letter should be addressed with complete address.
    • Any additional form(s) that need to be filled out.
    • Any particular instructions and guidelines that may apply.