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Research Participant Proposal: Questionnaire

As part of the Alliance’s 2023-25 digital research infrastructure (DRI) investments, we are developing the Alliance Cloud Connect Pilot, a new portal providing seamless access to commercial and community cloud. Canadian researchers from diverse sectors are invited to help us test and assess this cutting-edge platform at different stages of development, while also gaining access to Cloud Connect services and capabilities. To apply, participants must complete the application form.


(1 - 2 paragraphs)

Interests and Participation

(See Section 4.3

Note: There is no correct/wrong answer to this question; this will simply allow us to scope the testing of different Components.
(1-4 paragraphs)

Expertise in Your Research Group

The CfP welcomes new users of cloud and DRI services and such users are encouraged to apply. Although all participants may not have extensive experience, it is helpful for us to have a description of the experience you do have using DRI services as a participating research team.

Please describe (in one paragraph, at a high level):