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Fast Track Application Guidelines

Date Process
September 23, 2021 CCDB open for Fast Track submissions
October 27, 2021 Deadline to submit Fast Track applications (extending this deadline is not possible)
Late March 2022 Notification with the results of the 2021 competition sent to PIs
Early April 2022 Implement new allocations

The Fast Track application process is available by invitation only. Eligible PIs will receive an invitation to Fast Track in early September.

The Fast Track application process gives eligible Academic Principal Investigators (PIs) access to an easy and lightweight multi-year application mechanism for the Resources for Research Group (RRG) Competition.

Important: Applying through the Fast Track process DOES NOT guarantee that you will receive the same allocation as last year. The score received in your original RRG application will be reused and your resource request will be scaled using the same function used for all other applications in the 2022 competition according to demand and supply. This means that the resulting allocation may be scaled by a different factor than last year, which could lead to either an increase or a decrease in allocated resources for your project compared to last year.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Academic PI must have an active allocation in any Alliance resource.
  • The Academic PI must have received a science score equal or greater than 3.0 points (out of 5) in their previous RRG application. 
  • The Academic PI must have fast tracked only once or be using this process for the first time since their previous Resources for Research Groups (RRG) application.

If you believe you meet the eligibility criteria, yet did not receive an invitation to Fast Track, please email

Benefits of the Fast Track Process

  • Lightweight application.
  • No additional scientific review.
  • Can Fast Track for up to 2 consecutive years.
  • Canadian Common CV (CCV) is not required.

Acceptable Changes

Certain modifications to current allocations are allowed. This includes: 

  • A 10% increase of PROJECT, NEARLINE and/​or dCache storage resources is allowed, up to a maximum of 50 TB of additional storage based on the eligible amount communicated in the invitation email. Note that the additional storage resources requested may be fully, partially or not allocated based on resource constraints and storage utilization information.
  • Minor adjustments to project description (major changes to the project may require a new application).
  • Change of resource location (i.e. request to migrate current allocation from one system to another). Please visit the Available Resources page to see the list of systems available. 

Important: Increase of CPU or GPU requests are not allowed. If you need more of any of these resources, you must submit a new application.

Application and Review Process

  • Eligible PIs will receive an email invitation in early September 2021 to Fast Track.
  • The Fast Track application will show by default on CCDB. To start working on your Fast Track application, click on ​“Edit” and the ​“Submit” when you are ready.
  • To decline the invitation to Fast Track and submit a full RRG application instead, click on the ​“Change to RRG”. Any information that you have entered in your Fast Track application will be saved, and if you change your mind later on, you can click on ​“Change to Fast Track” to continue working on your Fast Track application.
  • Click on ​“Delegate” to grant access to one of your sponsored users, or any other user with an active Alliance account, to the application you wish to submit (e.g., RRG, Fast Track, etc.). Note that the delegated user can submit an application on behalf of the PI, but the latter remains responsible for the application submitted and the utilization of the computational resources allocated.

The Fast Track online application form includes three sections:

  • Details (required): Include any issues with your current allocation, any request for a change of system, storage increase, decrease of other resources needed, and any other relevant information about your resource request. The amount of storage requested must include any existing storage allocation or data that you may currently have in the Alliance PLUS any new, additional storage needed. For example, if you are currently using 50 TB of storage in an Alliance cluster and need an additional 50 TB, then the request in this table and in the online form should be for the total amount 100 TB.
  • Progress report (required): Provide details about what has been accomplished with the resources used (e.g. publications).
  • Justification of low usage: Required only for PIs whose projected usage is lower than 50% of the amount allocated. Provide details for why the usage is lower, any problems encountered and how the next year allocation will be utilized. 

Fast Track applications receive a technical review but do not receive another scientific review.

If you have questions about the Fast Track process, please email