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Philippe Beaudoin

Philippe Beaudoin Portrait

Philippe Beaudoin has thirty years of professional experience as an executive, academic researcher and software engineer, including half a decade at Google. He is a venture scientist constantly looking for ideas that can improve society, and in 2020 he co-founded Waverly where he and his team work to build healthier social spaces, by using generative and conversational AI to let users curate content, craft great posts, maintain control over their feed and foster thriving communities. Prior to establishing Waverly, Philippe co-founded Element AI, a world leader in enterprise AI. He was a member of the executive team, led the applied research team and worked on multiple strategic initiatives including fundraising ($350M in VC funding), research networking, as well as engineering and research hiring. 

Philippe is an active board member in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. He is a frequent AI commentator for prominent media outlets and an author with various noteworthy scholarly contributions. Philippe holds a PhD from Université de Montréal, was a researcher at University of British Columbia (UBC) and spent the last 20 years honing his technological and leadership skills. He maintains strong connections with the academic community by participating in academic conferences and networking with researchers.