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DRI EDIA Champions Pilot Program: Frequently Asked Questions


When is the deadline to apply?

Applications must be submitted by July 17, 2024, at 5 p.m. EST.


When will I know if my application is selected?

We anticipate notifying applicants by August 2024.


What is a DRI EDIA Champion? 

A DRI EDIA Champion is an individual who promotes and facilitates local and inclusive access to and utilization of national Alliance digital research infrastructure (DRI) services within the research community and specifically involving members of equity-seeking groups.


Can I start my project activities before being notified of an award?

No. Only new projects and activities are eligible for funding.


What are the activities envisioned for the DRI EDIA Champion? 

DRI EDIA Champion activities envisioned as part of this funding call include, but are not limited to, those listed below. Further information on each activity can be found in Appendix A of the Call for Proposals: Activities Envisioned for DRI EDIA Champions under the Pilot Project.

DRI EDIA Champion applications for funding will describe and expand upon these activities (or other Pilot-aligned activities identified by applicants) and are expected to address more than one of these broad areas of activity.

  • Training/mentoring
  • Promoting/advancing research data management (RDM)
  • Addressing disciplinary challenges
  • Driving culture change
  • Informing future initiatives


If I am already undertaking activities of a DRI EDIA Champion, should I apply for this funding?

This funding call is intended to support new activities or notably expand and/or innovate current activities of the DRI EDIA champion.


What is the expected duration of the proposed project? 

Projects are not eligible to start until the successful applicant has received a Notice of Award from the Alliance. Projects must conclude by March 31, 2025.


Can a team apply?

No, but an option for teams will be considered for future funding calls.


Do I need to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to apply?

Applicants are not required to hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.


Can I apply for more than one grant?

Applicants are limited to one submission/grant.


Is a faculty member at a Canadian Institution eligible to apply? 

No. To be eligible, an applicant must be conducting research in a graduate studies program (master’s or PhD) or in a formal post-doctoral program or appointment (e.g., post-doctoral fellow, post-doctoral scholar, post-doctoral associate). 

For added clarity, a post-doctoral researcher is an early-career researcher who performs research under the general supervision of a faculty member.  



What expenses are eligible for the DRI EDIA Champions Pilot Project? 

The DRI EDIA Champions Pilot Project provides funds that are to be used specifically for a stipend of the applicant ($27,000), project implementation costs (up to $5,000) and travel costs to attend the in-person meeting (up to $3,000).


What expenses are not eligible for the DRI EDIA Champions Pilot Project? 

Awarded funding is only for a stipend, project implementation costs and travel costs to attend the in-person meeting. All other expenses are ineligible.


Are there any provisions in place regarding the allocation of funds for indirect costs of research within this funding program? 

The use of awarded funds is intended strictly for direct project expenses, with no allowance for institutions to retain funds for indirect costs. 




How do I apply for the DRI EDIA Champions Pilot Project? 

Applications will be accepted in both official languages (English and French) through the Alliance’s online application system.


What is expected of me if my application is successful? 

  • Within ten (10) working days of receipt of notification of award of funding, the applicant must provide a fully completed and signed Award Agreement (refer to Appendix B – Award Funding Agreement in the Call for Proposals) with the Alliance by an authorized representative from the institution with which the applicant is affiliated.
  • Participate in a virtual open science training program.
  • Participate in an in-person meeting in Toronto, Ontario, tentatively scheduled for January 2025.
  • Participate in scheduled virtual meetings with the Alliance, both individually and as part of the national cohort, to advance pilot objectives.
  • Deliver on the obligations, including reporting, as outlined in the Call for Proposals and your approved application during the term of the agreement.


Where can I preview the application template? 

You can preview the application template at the following link.