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Appraisal Checklist Workshop

The Curation Expert Group (CEG) and the Preservation Expert Group (PEG) invite you to a virtual meetup to test the Long-term Preservation Appraisal Checklist.

This 2-hour workshop will feature a presentation on appraisal concepts for data curators, as well as hands-on practice using a recently developed appraisal checklist. The appraisal checklist is a lightweight tool intended to support curators engaged in appraisal activities. Members of the expert groups will provide an overview of their recent publication, 

Appraisal Guidance for the Preservation of Research Data, followed by an introduction to the appraisal checklist by the preservation coordinator. In small breakout rooms, participants will use specific scenarios to evaluate the checklist in practice and will then reconvene to discuss how the checklist can be improved or re-evaluated for improvement.

The Appraisal Checklist Workshop, a mostly bilingual session, is designed for members of the data curation community such as archivists, librarians, curators, data managers and others with experience performing curation and appraisal tasks. No expertise is required, but people who do this type of work frequently will benefit the most from this workshop. If you are interested in research data appraisal processes as part of the curation process - this workshop is a good fit for you.

Note: This session will be presented in English and in French with simultaneous interpretation.

We invite participants to ask questions or make comments in the language of their choice. Group notes and a feedback survey will be shared with registered attendees after the workshop.


Registration (Attendance will be capped at 50 participants)