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Announcing the 2022-2023 Data Champions

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) is pleased to announce the winners of the Data Champions Pilot Project Call. The Alliance’s Data Champions Pilot Project aims to promote a shift in data culture within the Canadian DRI ecosystem by promoting sound research data management (RDM) practices.  

Following a competitive adjudication process, 18 teams and individuals will receive up to $50,000 CAD to develop activities at the local, regional and/​or national level that advance awareness, understanding, development and adoption of RDM tools, best practices and resources in Canada. 

The Data Champions are: 

  • Dr. J Mark Ansermino and Jessica Trawin, Data CoLaboratory, Centre for International Child Health (CICH), University of British Columbia 

  • David Barber, Canadian Watershed Information Network (CanWIN), University of Manitoba 

  • Simon Beaudry, University of Ottawa RDM Advisory Group, University of Ottawa Scalable and Sustainable Data Champion and DMP Consulting Initiative, University of Ottawa 

  • Alicia Cappello, Queen’s Data Champions (qDC), Queen’s University 

  • Kelly Cobey, Ottawa Data Champions Team, University of Ottawa 

  • Dr. Colin Conrad and Dr. Darren Abramson, Dalhousie University 

  • Michelle L. Dion, Spark: A Centre for Social Research Innovation, McMaster University 

  • Nadia Gosselin, Centre d'études avancées en médecine du sommeil, Université de Montréal 

  • Dr. Lawrence Grierson, McMaster University 

  • Kat Kavanagh, Water Rangers 

  • Gary Lewis, Diabetes Action Canada Digital Health Team, University Health Network 

  • Andrea Lawrance, Carleton RDM Working Group, Carleton University 

  • Aude Motulsky, Electronic Health Record FAIR support Team, Université de Montréal 

  • Tim Murphy and Paul Pavlidis, Databinge: a student driven, peer-to-peer network of data champions, University of British Columbia 

  • Ocean Networks Canada, Ocean Networks Canada Data Stewardship Team 

  • Mike Smit, Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing (CIOOS) RDM, Dalhousie University 

  • Dr. Amol Verma and Dr. Fahad Razak, GEMINI, Unity Health Toronto 

  • Mathew Vis-Dunbar, UBC Okanagan RDM Collaboration, University of British Columbia 

More information about the pilot project and the awardees can be found in the Data Champions Pilot Project Call.  

The Alliance looks forward to working with the awardees and wishes to thank all those who applied, as well as those who lent their time and expertise to serve on the adjudication committee. 

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