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Call for participation: Lunaris User Community Group

Lunaris, Canada’s national data discovery platform, is launching a User Community Group to serve as a venue for users to provide feedback on the state of the service and any proposed features. Read on for more information, and refer to the group’s Terms of Reference for even more.

Who should participate?

Anyone who uses or has an interest in using Lunaris to discover or facilitate the reuse of research data in Canada is encouraged to participate. Researchers at any career stage, librarians, and other information or data professionals are included.

What will participants do?

The Lunaris User Community Group will meet virtually every eight weeks. Meetings will include an update from the Lunaris product team on recent developments, requests for feedback on upcoming or proposed changes to Lunaris, and open discussion on users’ use cases and needs. Meetings will be held in English, but we will have dedicated staffing to facilitate bilingual participation. Group members may also be asked to participate in user experience research outside of the group’s regular meetings, which might include interviews, structured testing of new features, or answering survey questions.

Why should I participate?

Participants in the Lunaris User Community Group will have a chance to discuss how they use Lunaris with other community members, provide feedback on the state of the service, and participate in user experience studies. By participating in the Lunaris User Community Group, you will have the opportunity to discuss data sharing and reuse with other professionals and to influence the development of Lunaris to better meet your needs.

When will meetings begin?

We are hoping to hold the first meeting of the Lunaris User Community Group in early to mid-April.

How do I participate?

If you’re interested in participating in the Lunaris User Community Group, please join the Google Group. This is an open-ended call and the group will continue to accept new members, but please join the Google Group by April 12 to have input on scheduling the first meeting. On that day, we will use the Google Group’s mailing list to coordinate and schedule the first meeting. If you have any questions or would like more information, please email the Lunaris product team at