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Cybersecurity policies and standards now available

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The National Security Council of the Alliance Federation launched a set of approved cybersecurity policies and standards during a town hall event on Dec. 5, 2022. 

The set of documents includes the following and can be found on the Alliance’s policies webpage

  • SEC-00 Information Security Glossary  
  • SEC-02 Data Classification Policy  
  • SEC-03 Data Handling Standard  
  • SEC-04 Vulnerability Management Standard  
  • SEC-05 Cybersecurity Risk Management Policy 

The town hall session included information on how to access these documents, a brief overview of their creation process, a roadmap for the future and a high-level overview of each document. The presentation slides and recording are available. 

The policies and standards apply to the management and use of national systems by Federation Staff and users. 

Feedback related to these documents can be shared with