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Digital Research Alliance of Canada’s Data Management Planning Expert Group Seeking Community Assistance with DMP Exemplars

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada’s Data Management Planning Expert Group (DMPEG) is now accepting expressions of interest for the creation of a wide range of disciplinary and methodology specific Exemplar Data Management Plans (DMPs) that will be publicly shared to offer researchers guidance for developing their own high quality DMPs. DMPEG has developed guidance on creating an effective DMP (in English and French) and is offering to work collaboratively with you to develop your DMP into an Exemplar! Librarians and research data support professionals in particular are encouraged to reach out and work with researchers at their institutions to develop their DMPs. These Exemplar DMPs will be managed for long-term stewardship, including assignment of persistent identifiers (DOIs) that will facilitate their discovery, access, and citability.

Exemplar DMPs will be developed using the DMP Assistant tool and the DMP templates within it. We are aiming to develop Exemplar DMPs from across a wide range of research disciplines, but we are especially interested in the following:

- DMPs in health and bioscience fields, including those supporting COVID-19-focused research projects;
- Arts-based Research, including those with a Fine Arts focus;
- DMPs developed using the suite of discipline- and methodology-specific DMP templates (available from the Alliance RDM Training Resources and from the DMP Assistant)
- DMPs from both past and present, as well as fictional research projects are welcome.

Please submit your expression of interest by March 25, 2022 using this Google form.

Applicants will be notified if their expression of interest submission is successful by April 6, 2022. Initial draft Exemplars are to be submitted as soon as possible but no later than May 27, 2022. Final versions of the Exemplar DMPs will be published in June and July, but ideally no later than July 29, 2022.

Any questions regarding this call for DMP Exemplars should be directed to the Alliance Data Management Planning Coordinator, Robyn Nicholson (robyn.​nicholson@​alliancecan.​ca) and/​or DMPEG Co-Chair, James Doiron (jdoiron@​ualberta.​ca).