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Governance and Membership Model

Dear Colleagues,

The Applicant Board and interim management team are pleased to share with the community NDRIO’s Governance and Membership Model. Please feel free to share this information with your colleagues.

This model was developed based on community input, principles of good governance and a number of specific requirements (e.g. equity, diversity, inclusion, independence, etc.) as defined in the new organization’s funding agreement with the Government of Canada.

The model describes the composition and operating model of the incoming Inaugural Board of Directors, the recruitment process, and the purpose and mandate of the Researcher Council.

The model further describes the approach to membership, including a category of Primary Members (voting) and Associate Members (non-voting). The membership fee model is being finalized and will be shared as part of the membership recruitment process. Based on community input, the membership approach was designed to reflect and accommodate the diversity of our national research community.

The model also includes a set of Guiding Principles to reflect how NDRIO should be led and managed, as its culture is shaped. In all that it does, NDRIO must be:

  1. Researcher-Centric
  2. Service-Oriented
  3. Accountable and Transparent
  4. Striving for Excellence
  5. Collaborative

We continue to welcome the engagement of the community. If you have any further comments on the Governance and Membership Model, please share it through

Over the next week we will share the Inaugural Board competency model, provide additional details on the Board recruitment process and begin the process of engaging and recruiting members. Please continue to monitor for information and updates as our journey to NDRIO continues.


Lori MacMullen

Chair, Applicant Board (NDRIO) and Executive Director, Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers (CUCCIO)