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Introducing the Current State Papers

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) is embarking on an ambitious journey to consolidate and coalesce Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) for Canadian researchers. To help inform the action plan for the work ahead, we assessed the current state of Research Data Management (RDM), Research Software (RS) and Advanced Research Computing (ARC) in Canada. Both RDM and ARC reports are updates to the 2017 assessments from the Leadership Council for Digital Research Infrastructure (LCDRI), whereas the RS assessment is the first such effort, as it describes research software as an integral, yet nescient, component of research workflows. 

This work has been only possible with the support and guidance of many individuals from across the DRI ecosystem that participated in working groups, and who helped describe in detail the evolving nature of the DRI ecosystem, and the many players involved in it. 

You can find the current state assessments here: 


Research Data Management (English/French

Research Software (English/French

Advanced Research Computing (English/French


We welcome and encourage feedback from the research community. Please send any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this document to research-recherche@​ 

The Alliance plays a critical role in advancing the Government of Canada’s National DRI Strategy. It coordinates and funds activities related to and including Advanced Research Computing (ARC), Research Data Management (RDM) and Research Software (RS).