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Introducing the Digital Research Alliance of Canada

Introducing the Digital Research Alliance of Canada

At the Members’ Meeting on September 28, 2021, the New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization (NDRIO) announced its new name: the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance for short). The naming of the Alliance came after considering hundreds of possibilities that were developed after comprehensive consultation with stakeholders. The notion of an Alliance, a collective of individuals coming together with a shared purpose, resonated with the digital research infrastructure (DRI) ecosystem and was unanimously endorsed by the community.

The new name and visual identity are inspired by the organization’s vision: To catalyze world- class Canadian research for the benefit of all, and mission: As a trusted and inclusive partner, the Digital Research Alliance of Canada fosters a pan-Canadian and global collaboration to provide researcher-centric, sustainable, and integrated digital research infrastructure. Underpinning this expression of who we are as an organization and our aspirations for DRI in Canada is the brand promise: Accelerating Discovery.

“Collaborating to select a new name for our organization is among many celebrated milestones in our first year of operations,” says Mr. Nizar Ladak, Chief Executive Officer of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada. “I have been inspired by the support of and excitement for our new name whose development drew on the ideas and aspirations of members, stakeholders, colleagues, and partner organizations within the ecosystem. As we re-introduce our organization to the world with our new name and visual identity, please call us the Alliance,” continues Mr. Ladak.

“Throughout this first year of operations, the Alliance has galvanized support for its vision, collaborating in partnership with members, stakeholders, and all those supporting researchers to move forward in the same direction,” states Ms. Janet Davidson, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Alliance. “The efforts to establish a new organizational name were done in complete alignment with the development of the Alliance’s strategic framework, founded on thousands of engagements during Town Halls, through position papers, meetings, and brainstorming sessions. I look forward to continuing our work under this new name and deriving inspiration from its researcher-centric promise of accelerating discovery,” continues Ms. Davidson.

As an Alliance, the organization acts as the backbone for researchers in Canada. We are proud to provide the interconnected supports, infrastructure, and services that enable researchers to achieve their ambitious ideas and innovations for humanity. Together, we are the Digital Research Alliance of Canada, and together, we will propel Canada onto the global stage of the knowledge economy.

Integration of the new name and visual identity will take a phased approach over the fall and cumulate with the launch of an updated organizational website in March 2022.

For more information, please contact:

Heather Cavanagh
Director, Strategic Communications