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NDRIO Board to Initiate CEO Recruitment

I hope this finds you well during this challenging time.

I know many of our Members and stakeholders are actively researching solutions to COVID-19, many of you right on the front lines. This is incredibly important work – thank you.

Since March 11 when we were elected, the NDRIO Board of Directors has been hard at work from our home offices, working closely with George Ross, Interim Executive Director, and his team to advance the Corporate Plan. Supporting the schedule outlined in the Corporate Plan, the Board has initiated the CEO recruitment process.

Executive recruitment firm Odgers Berndtson has been engaged to help us with this search, reporting to a CEO Selection Committee composed of Directors Peter MacKinnon, Gail Murphy, Chris Lumb, Jane Skoblo and myself as Chair.

We will be seeking a best-in-class CEO who will subscribe to NDRIO’s Guiding Principles and commit to fulfilling NDRIO’s mandate with excellence. The successful candidate will be a proven executive with strong, recognized leadership who is also technically fluent and able to work effectively with the Canadian DRI community. We require a number of competencies including transformational leadership and in-depth knowledge of the DRI space, good governance, and effective member and stakeholder engagement. Principles of diversity will be important to the recruitment process. Competency in both official languages will be preferred.

You can find the posting here. I encourage you to review it and share it with your networks here in Canada and abroad. If you, or someone you know, would like to be considered as a potential candidate please contact Joanne McMullin, Senior Consultant with Odgers Berndtson directly.

While the process itself will be open and transparent, the Selection Committee will adhere to strict rules of confidentiality through the competitive process, each member having signed a separate non-disclosure agreement to protect the privacy of candidates.

Our goal at this time is to fill the position in early fall. We will remain mindful of the situation with COVID-19, that said, and we are prepared to adjust our recruitment strategy if required.

I will share a broader update with all Members and stakeholders over the next few weeks. If you have any questions about the CEO recruitment process or the work of the Board, please send me an email at


Janet Davidson
Chair, Board of Directors
New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization