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NDRIO: Call for Position Papers on Canada’s Future DRI Ecosystem

NDRIO: Call for Position Papers on Canada’s Future DRI Ecosystem

The New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization (NDRIO) is pleased to announce its first Call for Position Papers as part of a nation-wide exercise to assess the needs of Canada’s Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) community.

Leading the Government of Canada’s vision for a cohesive national DRI ecosystem, NDRIO is leveraging the extensive advanced computing infrastructure to transform how research data and its associated research software are managed, organized and (re)used across disciplines, while ensuring that Canadian researchers have access to cutting-edge resources and technologies for their research. In keeping with its values of being a researcher-focused, accountable and agile organization, NDRIO is seeking input from the Canadian digital research community to inform its Strategic Plan, a single and unified vision of the highest DRI priorities for 2021-2024.

In order to provide informed service delivery, NDRIO encourages feedback from all researchers and research organizations across Canada, especially those in disciplines, geographical regions, or minority groups that has been traditionally under-represented in the Canadian DRI ecosystem.

Submissions should briefly describe individual perspectives on current challenges accessing DRI tools, services and support; the ideal future state of DRI in Canada; and how NDRIO could achieve such a state. Emphasis should be placed on the following items:

  • Current Issues
    • What are the main DRI tools, services and/or resources you currently use in your research?
    • Do you have access to all the DRI tools, services and/or resources you need for your research? What are they? What is missing?
    • What are your biggest challenges accessing and using the DRI tools, services and/or resources that do exist and are available to you?
  • Future DRI State
    • What is your vision for a cohesive Canadian DRI ecosystem that would fulfill your research needs?
    • What are the types of DRI tools, services and/or resources you would like to use, or envision using, in the future?
    • What challenges do you foresee while using integrated DRI tools, services and/or resources?
  • How to Bridge the Gap
    • What are the tools, services and/or resources NDRIO should leverage to achieve your desired future state?
    • How do you see NDRIO’s role in addressing current gaps in the national DRI ecosystem?
    • What other suggestions do you have?

Each White Paper must have a designated contact person. Anonymous submissions will not be considered. Position Papers will be made public on NDRIO’s website. This call is targeted at the broader academic research community, including, but not limited to, individual researchers, research organizations, academic associations and societies. There are no restrictions on the affiliations of co-authors, and no limit on the number of co-authors. Please note that the number of co-authors will not necessarily be taken as an indication of the level of community interest.

Position Papers must be submitted as PDF files, with a minimum of 11-point font, and be a maximum of five pages long. Submissions may be made in English or in French. Position Papers are not required to contain a specific set of sections or headings.

Submissions should be sent to:

Deadline for submissions is on 17:00 PST December 14, 2020.

All submitted Position Papers will be posted throughout the consultation process as public documents on NDRIO’s website.

Questions related to any aspect of this call can be submitted to: Felipe Pérez Jvostov, Senior Analyst for Outreach and Engagement at