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Update on Portage and the Digital Research Alliance of Canada

Update on Portage and the Digital Research Alliance of Canada

As part of the integration of research data management (RDM) within the broader digital research infrastructure ecosystem in Canada, there are new opportunities to meet researcher needs and advance a robust and integrated RDM portfolio through the Alliance.

The RDM team has been proud to use the Portage brand for six years. Originally known as “Project ARC”, Portage was developed and supported by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) to contribute to the shared stewardship of research data and to address specific gaps in national RDM infrastructure in Canada. Today, the Alliance RDM team stands as a testimony to the dedication of the Canadian research library community, the CARL Directors Portage Steering Committee and Portage Advisory Committee, as well as the support of the Government of Canada through Innovation, Science and Economic Development.

To continue to position the integrated nature of the Alliance, future RDM outputs, publications, and events will be published under the Alliance banner. There will be a period of transition as we build a new website and continue to profile our new organizational name and visual identify. As part of this transition, the Network of Experts will continue to be supported by the RDM team at the Alliance and their work will continue uninterrupted as a critical part of the shared stewardship of research data in Canada.

In addition to rebranding our outputs, publications, and events, we will begin to integrate existing standalone Portage communication channels, including the website and social media, into the Alliance. This will ensure harmony and alignment within the DRI ecosystem in Canada and will allow us to reach an even wider audience through new digital channels and outreach. This will of course take time, and the important history of Portage will be honoured throughout this transition process.

This is an exciting time for the RDM community in Canada, with new opportunities to advance RDM through the Alliance. It is an honour for me, and the Alliance, to continue the important work of the Network of Experts and to further support best practices in every aspect of data management based on the incredible foundation set by Portage and its supporters.

Jeff Moon
Director, Research Data Management