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User News: Account Renewals Open for 2022

The annual renewal of accounts will run from April 7 to May 17, 2022. If you have an active account, you should receive an email notification directing you to  

  • If you created your account after January 1, 2022, you do not have to renew it at this time. Only accounts created before that date must be renewed. However, you still need to accept the new policies. 
  • If you created your account after January 1, you do not have to renew but you must accept the Alliance's policies and consents starting April 1 and before June 1.
  • If you no longer need your CCDB account, no action is required from you and you can simply let your account expire.

The annual renewal of all user accounts is essential in order to collect the information required by our granting agencies and to deactivate accounts that are no longer in use. Thank you for taking the time to renew your account.

For more information on Account Renewals, visit the Account Renewals FAQ page or contact

Transition of Compute Canada's operations to the Alliance
Compute Canada (CC) ceased its operations on March 31, 2022. On April 1, 2022, the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) assumed the coordination and funding activities for Canada’s national advanced research computing (ARC) platform. CC, its institutional and regional partners, and the Alliance are committed to minimizing the disruption of service to researchers during the period in which CC responsibilities are being transitioned to the Alliance.

The way you access our computational resources will remain the same. While CC will no longer exist, the members of the Federation team will continue to be in place, so you can also expect the same high level of support that you have always received from them. You may also notice that a number of key resources, such as the Documentation Wiki, will remain branded as Compute Canada. These resources are still valid and will be rebranded over time.