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The Federated Research Data Repository, commonly known as FRDR, is a national platform for researchers to discover, share and preserve Canadian research data. This tool helps you comply with FAIR principles by making your data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. 

Researchers can use FRDR services to deposit, find and access data through its:

  • Repository Service: The FRDR service provides researchers with a robust repository option into which large research datasets can be ingested, curated, processed for preservation, discovered, cited, and shared. Canadian researchers have access to secure repository storage, distributed geographically across multiple hosting sites. The Alliance curation team works with depositors to prepare datasets for publication and long-term preservation, and data will be discoverable alongside other Canadian collections in the FRDR Discovery Service.
  • Discovery Service:  The FRDR discovery service aggregates Canadian research data from the Repository Service and more than 90 other repositories. This service provides a central location for research discovery, ensuring the reuse of data needed to conduct leading-edge research across disciplines. The discovery service indexes research from Canadian university repositories, government data portals, and repositories hosted at subject or discipline-specific research centres.