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Call for Volunteer Experts to sit on the Alliance’s Merit Review Selection Committee(s)

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) is recruiting volunteer experts for its Merit Review Committees in preparation for upcoming funding opportunities — such as the Data Champions Pilot Project, the Inaugural Funding Opportunity (IFO) and Cloud Computing Pilot (CCP) Project. The success of funding calls depends on the participation of experts from the Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) ecosystem to review funding applications. We highly encourage volunteers from the DRI community to submit their interest in supporting these initiatives. 

The application form is at the end of this page.

The Alliance is looking for experts from the First Nations, Métis, Inuit who can speak to Indigenous matters in the DRI landscape. 

We encourage applications from volunteer subject matter experts in all the fields, disciplines, and areas of interest, who speak French, English or both, from across Canada and internationally. We ask these individuals to come forward and provide their expertise and knowledge of DRI on these Merit Review Committees. 

The Alliance’s immediate need is to recruit experts for the Data Champions Pilot Project. The Alliance is seeking experts to participate as soon as February 2022. Exact dates to be confirmed soon. 

Current Funding Opportunity

The Alliance is launching a funding opportunity for the development of a Data Champions Pilot Project to promote a shift in data culture within the Canadian DRI ecosystem. As part of this Pilot Project, the Alliance will be gathering information to evaluate potential development of a scalable and sustainable Data Champions Program. The objective of this Pilot Project is to advance awareness, understanding, development, and adoption of research data management (RDM) tools, best practices, and resources in Canada. Broadly speaking, this Pilot will further the Alliance’s research data management mandate by promoting sound RDM practices and contributing to a broader culture change in the conduct of digital research, and ultimately fostering excellence in Canadian research. 

Upcoming Funding Opportunities

The IFO and CCP aim to build national research capacity and deliver on the Alliance’s mandate to create a broad and integrated Canadian DRI ecosystem. Specifically, these funding opportunities will address the needs of the research community related to DRI, while promoting an equitable and inclusive DRI environment in Canada. The Alliance seeks to bridge the gap between the three DRI layers — Advanced Research Computing, Research Data Management and Research Software. To enable a culture of collaboration and integration across the DRI environment in Canada, both funding calls will be open to proposals from all research disciplines, and with strong encouragement for inter-provincial collaborations and multi-disciplinary partnerships. 

Applications in digital humanities, social sciences, indigenous research and/​or other research areas underutilizing the national DRI or underserved community will be strongly encouraged. 


  • The workload cannot be estimated at this time. It will be assessed when the LOIs are received. However, the Alliance will ensure the workload is manageable by all parties involved in the selection process. Several reviewers will be assigned to the applications. 
  • Preference will be given to volunteers who are able to assess and understand applications in both official languages (read, write, comprehension), but unilingual volunteers are welcome to apply. Members are encouraged to participate in the proposal selection committee meeting(s) via videoconferencing using the official language of their choice.
  • The adjudication meetings are being planned to take place virtually and as such, the Alliance is developing a light adjudication process, minimizing the time spent discussing applications virtually. 
  • Selected Merit Review Committee members will be asked to participate in Unconscious Bias training, take part in a virtual onboarding session and potentially additional training as required (e.g. OCAP training). 

If you are interested in participating in the Alliance’s Merit Review Committees, please fill out the form below. 

For questions or for more information, contact us at the following email address: funding-​

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