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Curation Expert Group seeking nominations for Co-Chair position

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) Curation Expert Group (CEG) is seeking nominations for a Co-Chair position, for a 2-year renewable term beginning in Spring 2024. This is an excellent opportunity to help set national-level data curation priorities and to advocate for and advance data stewardship best practices in Canada.

The Curation Expert Group sits within the larger Alliance Research Data Management Network of Experts and serves as a community of practice and advisory group that works to promote the value of curation, and to identify, evaluate, and promote good practices in preparing data and metadata for research, dissemination, and preservation. CEG offers members a supportive forum for discussion and information sharing around curation-related topics and tools and the ability to contribute to group activities and the development of shared resources, goals and objectives.

As Co-Chair of CEG you will advise on and contribute to the planning and development of curation-related initiatives in Canada and will serve as a member of the Network of Experts Council of Chairs. The Council is comprised of the Chairs of all active Expert Groups and serves three fundamental purposes:

  1. Advising on and contributing to the planning and development of research data management-related initiatives in Canada;
  2. Coordinating the work of Expert and designated Working Groups to identify and address gaps, areas for collaboration, and other potential synergies;
  3. Identifying and prioritizing resources/supports required to advance the work of each Expert and designated Working Group to inform the work of Alliance RDM. 

Chairs serve as leaders within the Network of Experts and the broader community of practice, both of which are foundational to the work of Alliance RDM. Chairs will also be included, as appropriate, in stakeholder interactions connected to their Expert Groups. 

We welcome nominations from individuals who are engaged or interested in data curation or data stewardship activities within their organization. If you would like to put your name forward for consideration, please email an expression of interest to Erin Clary at with your name, affiliation, position title, and a brief description of how you envision your engagement with the Curation Expert Group may align with your current position or interests. Nominations received before 29 February will receive full consideration.

Please be advised that this is a volunteer position with an estimated time commitment of 5-10 hours per month. While we strive to create bilingual resources and training opportunities, CEG meetings are currently conducted in English.

Information about the current Co-Chair’s responsibilities are included below.


About the CEG Co-chair Position 

The Curation Expert Group is chaired by two individuals who share the following responsibilities:  

  • Advise on and contribute to the planning and development of curation-related initiatives in Canada.
  • Identify and prioritize resources or supports required to advance the work of the Curation Expert Group, for example, oversee the creation of a Working Group to advance a particular CEG initiative.
  • Serve as CEG’s liaison to the larger Network of Experts Council of Chairs. Report on CEG’s activities and identify areas for collaboration or potential synergies with other Expert Groups.
  • Engage with other stakeholders in the DRI ecosystem, such as representatives of other Expert Groups, representatives from Research Software and Advanced Research Computing, or Tri-Agency representatives, on topics of mutual interest.
  • Chair monthly CEG meetings.
  • Participate in various meetings such as curation planning meetings with Co-Chairs and Alliance Curation Coordinator to set the CEG agenda, quarterly meetings with the larger Network of Experts Council of Chairs to support the integrated operation of the Network, and quarterly meetings with the larger Network of Experts membership.

There is some flexibility in position responsibilities and meeting frequency and opportunities to shape the direction of the Curation Expert Group with input from Co-Chairs and CEG membership.


About the Network of Experts

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada Research Data Management (RDM) Network of Experts (NoE) is a Canada-wide collaboration of RDM- and RDM-aligned professionals. The NoE is critical in developing and providing resources, expert advice and practical help to assist with the management of research data at every stage of the data lifecycle. The key characteristics and value of the Network are its volunteer membership, rich expertise, and collective willingness to advance RDM in Canada.


About the Curation Expert Group (CEG)

Please see the Curation Expert Group Terms of Reference and Roadmap.

Please contact Erin Clary or Alicia Cappello with questions or requests for further information.