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Introducing the first Canadian Digital Research Infrastructure Needs Assessment

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) is pleased to publish the findings of its first Canadian Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) Needs Assessment. In keeping with its values and guiding principles, the Alliance sought to hear first-hand the current and future DRI needs of Canadian researchers, as well as the geographical and disciplinary distribution of services and resources available to them. As the Alliance advances its activities to ensure all Canadian researchers have access to the cutting-edge digital tools they need to conduct their research, the Needs Assessment provides the foundation for the work to come.

The Needs Assessment is available in English and French.

The road ahead is an exciting one. The Alliance looks forward to working closely with local, regional, and national partners to ensure the feedback we have heard is reflected in a more integrated, secure, and equitable DRI ecosystem for all Canadian researchers — regardless of geography, academic discipline, or institutional affiliation.

“This is a milestone in the history of our organization’s evolution. For years, this remarkable piece of work will serve as an unchallengeable and informative piece of work guiding our decisions and our journey in DRI.”

– Nizar Ladak, Chief Executive Officer

We welcome and encourage feedback from the research community. Please send any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this document to research-​recherche@alliancecan.​ca

The Alliance plays a critical role in advancing the Government of Canada’s National DRI Strategy. It coordinates and funds activities related to and including Advanced Research Computing (ARC), Research Data Management (RDM) and Research Software (RS).