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Upcoming Transition of Compute Canada’s ARC services to the Alliance (Transition Update 1, issued 2022/03/02)

Transition Update 1, issued 2022/03/02

As we move through the ongoing transition to create an integrated DRI ecosystem, the frequency of communications about the transition will increase from the previous quarterly status to biweekly communications using email and website updates, as we approach April 1, 2022 which is a milestone point of the process. April 1, 2022 represents the beginning of the fiscal year and many activities will change hands at this time.

To facilitate your review of the forthcoming series of transition communications, each communication will include the date issued and reference the previous communication. This is to ensure that no communications are missed. Additionally, we will create a sequential inventory of communications on our website for easy reference. Please note that emails and the website are just two communications channels we are using; updates will continue to be an important part of Alliance DRI Professional (ADP) Monthly meetings, Member and Stakeholder meetings, and other points of update that are detailed below.

This message is Transition Update 1, issued 2022/03/02

On April 1, 2022 the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) continues its work partnering to advance the support, coordination and funding of DRI activities in advanced research computing (ARC), research data management (RDM) and research software (RS), working collaboratively with ecosystem stakeholders and partners across the country.

At the current time, we are focused on integrating ARC, RDM and RS within the Alliance and the Federation, including:

  • Transition of Research Data Management (Portage) from Research Libraries (CARL) – April 2021
  • Oversight of cybersecurity – December 2021
  • Transition of the Grant Administration process – December 2021
  • Launch of the first funding call – Data Champions Pilot Project – January 2022

Next in the transition to an integrated DRI ecosystem, and effective April 1, 2022:

  • Transition of Research Data Canada into the Alliance
  • Transition of the remaining services (Resource Access Program and the Compute Canada database) currently managed by Compute Canada National Office into the Alliance
  • ISED ARC Expansion Program Funding ends and the Alliance Funding leadership begins
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation Major Science Initiative Funding (Operations) ends and the Alliance assumes full leadership of ARC
  • Data Management (DM) and Research Software (RS) Funding from CANARIE ends and the Alliance assumes the responsibility of DM and RS

What does this mean for researchers and the DRI ecosystem?
Beginning this month and continuing through to June 2022, you will see and receive communications (if you have subscribed to our newsletter) with more detail about what is changing and how activities, events and processes align under the Alliance.

This includes:

  • Frequently Asked Question sheets
  • Social media communications on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Specific communications from Compute Canada and the Alliance for ARC users and researchers
  • Creation of a Transition Information web page on the Alliance’s website – coming March 4
  • Ongoing email communications as part of the Alliance’s Newsletter, which will be increased in frequency to biweekly, from monthly, during this transition period.
  • Transition updates will continue to be an agenda item in all meetings and events.
  • A refreshed Alliance website in early April 2022.

The objective is as seamless a transition as possible for users, researchers, members and the broader ecosystem. Change can be difficult and despite best efforts we know that we cannot be perfect. If there are any specific questions you would like answered or have suggestions about how we can improve, the Communications Team would like to hear from you.

Please email your questions to us at communications@​alliancecan.​ca

Thank you. We value your input and ongoing support.