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The Digital Research Alliance of Canada is currently accepting applications from the research and Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) communities to apply for membership. The Alliance is a collaborative, member-based organization that will coordinate funding and strategic directions for national DRI activities related to advanced research computing (ARC), research data management (RDM) and research software (RS) to provide Canadian scholars and scientists with equitable access to cutting- edge digital infrastructure and tools to reap major benefits in research excellence, offer improved service delivery and facilitate Canada’s global research leadership across all disciplines.

You can be a part of an engaged membership culture at The Alliance, as the organization assumes its very important role helping to ensure Canada’s researchers have access to the integrated, sustainable and coordinated DRI ecosystem they need to participate in world-class research.

The process and timing for member recruitment aligns with the requirements of our Contribution Agreement with the Government of Canada, the organization’s By-Laws as a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization and our Governance and Membership Model.

Membership is not required to access the programs of The Alliance, which will be made available to eligible researchers and research institutions across Canada. However, The Alliance’s governance will rest and draw upon the engagement and commitment of its membership.


There are two categories of membership: Primary Members (voting) and Associate Members (non-voting). Members will name two representatives who will receive notices and attend meetings. In the case of Primary Members, one representative will vote on behalf of the Member institution.

Primary Members (Voting)

Primary membership, which provides for voting, is available to public post-secondary institutions, research hospitals and/or affiliated institutes that are eligible for Tri-Council grants. Primary Members must have an explicit research mandate and demonstrable research activities.

Membership fees will be assessed based on the level of self-declared and verifiable research income received by the institution from the Tri-Council in the last fiscal year. Prospective Primary Members will be asked to declare their income. The fee schedule, based on five (5) levels of research income, is described in the table below.

The rights and responsibilities of Primary Members include:

  • attendance at, participation in, and voting at all annual general meetings

  • the opportunity to nominate researchers to the Researcher Council;

  • the opportunity to advise the Board of Directors on the strategic direction, policies and programs of the new organization; and

  • the opportunity to sit on advisory/ad-hoc committees or other bodies that may be established by the new organization to fulfil its responsibilities.

Additional member program development will take place this fiscal year.

Primary Membership Fee Schedule

  1. Annual fee structure for Primary Membership applications (Voting Members), to be received by mid-August of each year to ensure participation in the Alliance’s Annual General Meeting that takes place in September.:

Primary Membership Fee Schedule A


  1. Fee structure for Primary Membership applications and fees received after mid-August and therefore not eligible to attend the September AGM. :
Primary Membership Fee Schedule B

Members will be required to renew each year.
The Alliance’s membership year aligns with its fiscal year: April 1 to March 31.

Associate Members (Non-Voting)

Associate Members may be organizations with DRI-related associations that have a significant amount of activity in at least one of the three DRI pillars – ARC, RDM and/or RS. Associate Members are non-voting but may attend annual meetings of the organization. Associate Members may also be asked to participate on advisory or ad-hoc committees and/or provide advice in their areas of expertise as appropriate. Associate Members will pay a flat-rate membership fee of $500 for the membership year and must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Membership Application Form

Please select your membership category (i.e., Primary or Associate) and if Primary, please indicate your level of research income and the associated fee as per the fee schedule. 

If you have questions or comments about membership, please write us at: membership-adhesion@alliancecanca.